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Text Search

MongoDB provides text indexes to support text search queries on string content. Text indexes can include any field whose value is a string or an array of string elements.


MongoDB Atlas also provides Atlas Search which is a more powerful and flexible text search solution. The rest of this page discusses text indexes and not Atlas Search.

To perform a text search with the Ruby driver, first create a text index with indexes.create_one(). The following command creates a text index on the name field of the restaurants collection in the test database.

client =[ '' ], :database => 'test')
client['restaurants'].indexes.create_one( { :name => 'text' } )

Once the text index is created you can use it as part of a query. The following code finds all documents in the restaurants collection which contain the word garden, without case sensitivity.

client =[ '' ], :database => 'test')
{ '$text' =>
{ '$search' => 'garden', '$caseSensitive' => false }
).each do |document|
#=> Yields a BSON::Document.
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