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Create a 2d Index

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2d indexes support queries on location data in a flat, Euclidean plane.

To create a 2d index, use the db.collection.createIndex() method. The index type is "2d":

db.<collection>.createIndex( { <location field> : "2d" } )
  • The values in the <location field> must be legacy coordinate pairs.

  • When specifying legacy coordinate pairs, list the longitude first, and then latitude.

    • Valid longitude values are between -180 and 180, both inclusive.

    • Valid latitude values are between -90 and 90, both inclusive.

Create the contacts collection:

db.contacts.insertMany( [
name: "Evander Otylia",
phone: "202-555-0193",
address: [ 55.5, 42.3 ]
name: "Georgine Lestaw",
phone: "714-555-0107",
address: [ -74, 44.74 ]
] )

The address field contains legacy coordinate pairs.

Create a 2d index on the address field:

db.contacts.createIndex( { address : "2d" } )

After you create a 2d index, you can use your 2d index to support calculations on location data. To see examples of queries that use 2d indexes, see:

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