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On this page

  • Manage Backup Jobs
  • Manage Backup Resources

This page lets you manage Backup jobs and Backup resources for each project. The top part of the page displays Active Jobs and the bottom part displays Stopped Jobs. The following fields on the page have a yellow background if delayed:

  • Last Agent Conf, if older than 1 hour.

  • Last Oplog, if older than 1 hour before the Last Agent Conf.

  • Head Time, if older than 1 hour before Last Oplog.

  • Last Snapshot, if older than the snapshot interval multiplied by 1.5.

From the Jobs page, you can do the following:

Assign a project to particular set of Backup Daemons or blockstores.
Click the project, select the Daemons or blockstores, and select Save Changes.
View a job's log.
Click the name of the job and then click the Logs link. Contact MongoDB Support if you need help interpreting the error message.
View information about a job.
Click the job. From the job's page you can access logs, conf calls, and other information, and you can download diagnostics.
Move a job to a new Backup Daemon.

Click the job. On the job's page, click the Move head link, select the new head, and click the Move Head button.


FCV FCV 4.2 and later use backup cursors instead of head databases. For more information, see Backup Daemon Service.

Filter the page to display the jobs assigned to a particular Daemon or blockstore.
Click the name of the Daemon or blockstore.
Toggle whether a job journals its head database.

Select or clear Journal Head to turn on or off journaling for your head database.


Changing this setting at the job level overrides the deployment-wide setting.

See mms.backup.journal.heads for how to enable or disable journaling for all head databases in your project.

From the Jobs page, you can assign Backup resources to a particular project.

You can make these changes for existing Backups, but only new backup jobs will follow the new rules. Making these changes does not affect existing deployments. For additional procedural information, see Move Jobs from a Lost Backup Daemon to another Backup Daemon.

Assign a project to particular Daemons, blockstores or oplog stores.
Click the project to open the project's assignment page; make the assignments; select Save Changes.
Assign a project to a labelled set of resources.

Assign the desired label on the Admin page for each resource. For more information, see Daemons, blockstores, and Oplog Stores.

Then, on the Jobs page:

  1. Click the project name to open the project's assignment page.

  2. In the Assignment Labels list box, click Select Labels.

  3. Select the label. Each selected label must exist on at least one Daemon, one blockstore, and one oplog store. If you select multiple labels, the resource must meet all selected labels.

    Keep in mind that the resource must also meet any other selected criteria on this page.

    For example: for a Daemon to match, it must also meet any selections you have made in the Backup Daemon field.

  4. Click Save Changes.


After you change the labels applied to this backup job, stop and then restart backups for this deployment. Once Backup restarts, Ops Manager changes the oplog store assigned to this Backup job. The oplog store matches the job's assigned labels to an oplog store with the same assigned labels. This change halts new and removes existing point-in-time restores until Ops Manager takes the next snapshot after reassigning the oplog store.


Some label changes do not require stopping and restarting backups. Changes that only affect Oplogs only require stoping and restarting running jobs. Changes that only affect Daemons only need a move head to move the existing data. Changes that only affect blockstores only need an inter groom job.

Specify the KMIP fields and click Save Changes.




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