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Job Timeline

This page displays a graphical representation of information found on other Admin pages, in particular the Jobs page. The Job Timeline page displays critical timestamps (head, last snapshot, next snapshot) and offers a way to assign a daemon to a given job.


FCV FCV 4.2 and later use backup cursors instead of head databases. For more information, see Backup Daemon Service.

Click the Auto refresh checkbox to update the list automatically every 10 seconds. Click the Refresh button to refresh data manually.

To view the backup job JSON, click the Show JSON link under the Project heading for any backup job. When the JSON displays, click the View raw runtime data link under the code to view the raw data. To hide the daemon JSON, click the Hide JSON link.

To move the job to a new Backup Daemon, click the Move head link under the Machine heading for a backup job. Select the location and click the Move head button to move the job to a new Backup Daemon. Ops Manager does not automatically move jobs between daemons.