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Kubernetes Operator Architecture


This section is for single Kubernetes cluster deployments only. For multi-Kubernetes cluster MongoDB deployments, see Architecture, Capabilities, and Limitations.

The MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator provides a container image for the MongoDB Agent in Ops Manager. This allows you to manage and deploy MongoDB database clusters with full monitoring, backups, and automation provided by Ops Manager.

The Kubernetes container serves as a host on which Ops Manager orchestrates the installation of mongod processes and deploys the cluster configuration.

As part of deployment, the Kubernetes Operator creates Persistent Volumes for the Ops Manager StatefulSets. The Kubernetes container uses Persistent Volumes to maintain the cluster state between restarts.

The Kubernetes Operator architecture consists of:

  • An Ops Manager custom resource. Through this resource, the Kubernetes Operator deploys Ops Manager components: the application database, the Ops Manager application, and the Backup Daemon in the Kubernetes containers. After the deployment is operational, the Ops Manager components reconcile updates that you make to the MongoDB cluster configuration. To learn more, see Ops Manager Architecture in Kubernetes.

  • MongoDB database custom resources. The Kubernetes Operator deploys the MongoDB database and the MongoDB User Resource Specification. After the deployment is operational, these resources reconcile updates that you make to the user or the MongoDB cluster configuration. To learn more, see MongoDB Database Architecture in Kubernetes.


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