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MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

Deploy and Configure MongoDB Database Resources

You can use the Kubernetes Operator to deploy and manage MongoDB clusters from the Kubernetes API, without having to configure them in Ops Manager or Cloud Manager.

MongoDB Database Architecture in Kubernetes
Review the MongoDB database custom resources architecture.
Configure the Kubernetes Operator for MongoDB Database Resources
Configure the Kubernetes Operator to deploy MongoDB database resources.
Deploy a MongoDB Database Resource
Deploy a standalone, replica set, or sharded cluster resource with or without TLS encryption.
Edit a Database Resource
Modify the configuration of a MongoDB database resource.
Secure Client Connections
Configure authentication for client applications.
Manage Database Users
Configure authentication for MongoDB database users.
Configure MongoDB Database Backups
Configure continuous backups for a replica set or sharded cluster.
Access Database Resources
Access database resources from inside or outside Kubernetes.
Remove a Database resource
Delete a MongoDB database resource.
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