Migrate from ObjectRocket to MongoDB Atlas

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Author: MongoDB Documentation Team

Moving your MongoDB deployment to Atlas allows you take advantage of all the benefits Atlas brings, including best-in-class automation, backup, scalability, and compliance with the most demanding data security and privacy standards.

This guide will walk you through how to use the mongodump and mongorestore tools to migrate your data from Object Rocket to Atlas.

Time required: 20 minutes

What You’ll Need


MongoDB account for Atlas

If you don’t have a MongoDB account to access Atlas, create one now.


ObjectRocket MongoDB deployment


The mongodump and mongorestore executables

If you don’t have the mongodump and mongorestore executables, download the MongoDB server bundle for your platform and locate mongodump and mongorestore in the bin directory.


The time required for this procedure varies according to the quantity of data you plan to move. Small data sets can be exported quickly, while larger data sets require more time.



Create an Atlas deployment.

If you don’t already have an Atlas deployment, create one now.


Stop your applications

Stopping your applications prevents any additional database writes from occurring while you move your data from ObjectRocket to Atlas.


Run mongodump on your ObjectRocket deployment

mongodump creates a binary export of the contents of your deployment. The mongodump documentation contains detailed instructions on using the mongodump utility. Use your ObjectRocket credentials to access your ObjectRocket deployment.

In the following example, a user named db_user exports all databases to a directory named dump in the current working directory:

mongodump --host iad-mongos2.objectrocket.com --port 12345 --username db_user --password "myPwd" --out dump

Use mongorestore to restore the dump directory to your Atlas deployment

The mongorestore documentation contains detailed instructions on using the mongorestore utility. Use your Atlas credentials to access your Atlas deployment.

In the following example, a user named db_user restores the default dump directory to the host example1.mongodb.net:

mongorestore --host example1.mongodb.net --port 27017 --username db_user --password "myPwd" dump/

Verify your data integrity

Use the Atlas Data Explorer to verify that all of your collections are present and populated.


Update your applications with your new connection string

Click the Connect button in the cluster panel for your Atlas cluster to obtain the connection string to use in your applications. To learn more about connecting to your Atlas cluster, see Connect to a Cluster.


Restart your applications

You’re ready to start using your Atlas deployment.


You created an Atlas cluster, migrated data from your old ObjectRocket MongoDB cluster, and updated your applications to use the connection string for your new Atlas cluster.

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