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Atlas Data Lake SQL Integration to Form Powerful Data Interactions

Learn how new SQL-based syntax can power your data lake insights in minutes. Integrate this capability with powerful BI tools like Tableau to get immediate value out of your data.


Type Safety with Prisma & MongoDB

In this article, we’ll explore Prisma, an Object Relational Mapper (ODM) for MongoDB. Prisma helps developers to write code that is both readable and type-safe.


Auto Pausing Inactive Clusters

One of Atlas' many great features is that it provides you the ability to pause clusters that are not currently needed, which primarily includes non-prod environments. This article shows you how to automatically pause clusters that go unused for a any period of time that you desire.


Building Service-Based Atlas Cluster Management

Learn how to build Service-Based Atlas Cluster Management webhooks/functionality with Atlas Admin API and MongoDB Realm.


Build Your Own Function Retry Mechanism with Realm

This tutorial is born to show how we can create a retry mechanism for our functions. Realm Functions allow you to define and execute server-side logic for your application. You can call functions from your client applications as well as from other functions and in JSON expressions throughout Realm.


An Introduction to GDELT Data

What is the GDELT dataset and how to work with it and MongoDB and participate in the MongoDB World Hackathon '22


Create a Custom Data Enabled API in MongoDB Realm in 10 Minutes or Less

Learn how to create a data API with MongoDB Realm in 10 minutes or less


Generating MQL Shell Commands Using OpenAI and New mongosh Shell

Learn how new mongosh external modules can be used to generate MQL language via OpenAI engine. Transform simple text sentences into sophisticated queries.


Calling the MongoDB Atlas Admin API: How to Do it from Node, Python, and Ruby

Learn how to use digest authentication for the MongoDB Atlas Administration API from Python, Node.js, and Ruby.


Getting Started with Deno & MongoDB

Deno is a “modern” runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that is built in Rust. This makes it very fast! If you are familiar with Node.js, then you will be right at home with Deno. It is very similar but has some improvements over Node.js. In fact, the creator of Deno also created Node and Deno is meant to be the successor to Node.js. Deno pairs nicely with MongoDB.


Getting Started with MongoDB & Mongoose

In this article, we’ll learn how Mongoose, a library for MongoDB, can help you to structure and access your data with ease. Many who learn MongoDB get introduced to it through the very popular library, Mongoose. Mongoose is described as “elegant MongoDB object modeling for Node.js."


How to Build CI/CD Pipelines for MongoDB Realm Apps Using GitHub Actions

Learn how to build CI/CD pipelines in GitHub Actions for apps built using MongoDB Realm.

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