Gaming Platform FACEIT Migrates to MongoDB Cloud Manager, Scales to More Than 4 Million Users and Improves Performance by 30%

PublishedAugust 10, 2016

Founded in 2011 FACEIT has quickly become the leading platform for online competitions in Player versus Player (PvP) multiplayer games including League of Legends, Counter-Strike and DOTA 2.

The FACEIT platform was built from the beginning on MongoDB to take advantage of its flexible schema and rich document data model. However, the team initially chose to consume MongoDB as a service from the Compose platform. It was great to get started with, but FACEIT quickly outgrew it as users and traffic scaled.

To gain more control and to fine tune the platform, FACEIT migrated to MongoDB Professional for access to proactive support, and Cloud Manager Premium for operational automation and database monitoring. They also took advantage of MongoDB’s consulting services and MongoDB University.

This move, which included an upgraded from MongoDB 2.6 to 3.2 with WiredTiger, has had a major impact on the business. FACEIT has grown from 1 million users a year ago to now having significantly more than 4 million.

Alongside that scale, write performance has improved by 30%. FACEIT also recently partnered with Twitch, the video gaming platform, to create the world’s first professional eSports league that is offering teams co-ownership positions.

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