Suyati Technologies is an IT services provider, focused on the marketing technology landscape. Founded in March 2009 in Kochi, India, Suyati delivers projects to the US, European and Australian markets as well. The company is led by a highly motivated management team with over five decades of cumulative management experience in creating and delivering technology solutions. It also has expertise across multiple technologies and industry verticals. With Centers of Excellence established for both Microsoft as well as Open Source technologies, Suyati specializes in providing technology agnostic solutions that deliver lasting, scalable answers to the most complex problems.

"We help businesses boost their ROI, and achieve their business goals using a collaborative approach and an entrepreneurial attitude. All our solutions have intelligence built into them. We surpass expectations, using the best and latest technology stack. Our goal is to solve problems efficiently, with the fastest turnaround times."

MongoDB is Suyati's database of choice for projects involving large volumes of data.

Common projects include:

  • Recommendation Engines
  • Data Harvesting and Fusion
  • Data Analytics
  • APIs with high reliability

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