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Brand Resources

Thanks for your interest in MongoDB. We have a few guidelines for correctly using our brand resources.

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Brand Identity

As a brand, we are driven by a desire to help others achieve their ambitions faster, enabling them to build anything, build it at scale, and build it quickly. From disruptive startups laying their very first roots to global enterprises building mission-critical applications, every last detail of our brand reflects an elegant simplicity that empowers them to shape tomorrow.


Primary logo

We always pair our company name with the the leaf icon. Only four colors can be used for the logo. The right one to choose will be the one that provides the best contrast with the background.


MongoDB Logo Wall


Logo mark

The MongoDB leaf mark can be used separately, in isolation of the full logo. Use cases for the logo mark would be in contexts where the MongoDB Logo has already been shown or it is clear the audience understands the reference of our full logo. It should never be used as part of an llustration, but only as a way of representing the brand itself in communications.



Proper usage

Our logo is meant to be a symbol for our company. It should maintain a prominent position in every execution we do, yet balanced and authentic.

Please follow these rules to ensure we are not diminishing the power of the leaf in our brand.

Proper logo usage


Primary palette

Everything we do works in harmony and is rooted in our brand attributes. Every interaction is instantly recognizable as MongoDB.


Brand Usage Guidelines

All of MongoDB’s brand features including “MongoDB”, “Mongo” and the MongoDB Logo are protected by applicable trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws. Any use of a MongoDB, Inc. trademark is subject to the MongoDB Trademark Standards for Use.

If you have any questions or want to request approval to use these assets, please do not hesitate to contact us or email

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Please don’t alter the MongoDB logo in any way
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