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MongoDB Atlas on
Google Cloud

Set up, scale, and operate MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud anywhere in the world with the versatility, security, and high-availability you need.
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Atlas in Google Cloud Marketplace
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Modernize Your App Development with MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud
Revolutionize your app development with MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud. Simplify, manage, and scale data operations with ease. Access real-time data insights and high-performance databases, while benefiting from Google Cloud's scalable infrastructure and advanced analytics tools.
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MongoDB and Google Cloud offer a powerful combination of technologies for modern applications. Secure, scalable, and cost-effective services provide flexibility and agility to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Streamline Data Pipelines

Transform your data management with MongoDB Change Streams and Pub/Sub BigQuery subscriptions.


Unlocking Real-time Data Insights

Unleash real-time data with MongoDB Atlas & Google Cloud BigQuery. Sync, analyze and innovate.


Enhance your Google BigQuery Experience

Maximize data potential with unified billing and seamless integrations using BigQuery and MongoDB.


Streamline your real-time data pipeline

Seamlessly integrate and manage your data pipeline for better insights with Datastream and MongoDB Atlas.


Build Operational Data Store

Build a real-time analytics pipeline from a relational database with Google Cloud's Datastream and MongoDB Atlas.

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Securely Connect MongoDB Atlas to GKE

Learn how to properly secure your Kubernetes cloud services when connecting to MongoDB Atlas.


Deploy MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator on Google Cloud

Unlock the power of MongoDB Enterprise on Google Cloud with seamless deployment using Kubernetes Operator.


Mastering MongoDB Ops Manager on Kubernetes

Streamline your database management with ease and efficiency using MongoDB Ops Manager on Kubernetes.


Connect from Looker

MongoDB Atlas and Looker work together to help you explore, share, and visualize data, leading to better business decisions.


Revolutionize Your API Strategy

MongoDB Atlas and Apigee combine to provide API design, security, analysis, and scalability with unparalleled visibility and control.


AI/ML capabilities

Leverage AutoML and the Natural Language API to democratize data analytics and enrich application development.


A Machine Learning Experiment

Discover a full-stack app with a machine-learning model using BigQuery, Vertex AI, and Cloud Functions and learn about a serverless MEAN stack.

Additional integrations

Boost Your AI Application's Performance and Reliability

Extend your Atlas database with a serverless Data Lake. You can federate queries and analyze data across live clusters and S3, without time sink.


Cloud key management service

Manage sensitive data, satisfy compliance requirements, and scale security globally.


Integrated billing

Unify billing and burn down Google Cloud commit through the MongoDB Atlas Marketplace listing.

Atlas is available in Google Cloud Marketplace

Available in 32+ regions. Consolidated billing and simplified procurement through your Google Cloud account. Pay-as-you- go with no minimums or upfront commitments.
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“Shifting quickly to Google Cloud and MongoDB Atlas put us in a position to innovate and thrive even in the most difficult circumstances.”
Vadim Supitskiy
Chief Technology Officer, Forbes
“We are streaming approximately 11 million real-time transactions per day. We can now quickly scale up for bulk one-time loads and process more than 50 million transactions in less than four hours.”
Suryadeep Chatterjee
Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture, Integration & Automation Technologies, ATD
“MongoDB Atlas offers a free tier that gave us an opportunity to quickly demonstrate tangible benefits of a proof of concept. Once we proved the value of MongoDB Atlas, we benefited from the straightforward resource allocation supported by Google Cloud and MongoDB.”
Sethu Madhav Vure
IT Architect, Ulta Beauty

Startup Resources with Google Cloud

Scale your startup from ideation to growth with MongoDB Atlas and Google Cloud.
Explore MongoDB for Startups

Maximize Startup Potential with MongoDB & Google Cloud

Boost your startup with up to $100,000 in Google Cloud & Firebase credits + MongoDB Atlas perks. Access advanced data services and discounts.


Scale Your Startup from ideation to growth

Empowering startups with a data platform that adapts to changing demands. Build apps faster with MongoDB Atlas and Google Cloud. Go to market with confidence.


Can I use MongoDB with Google Cloud?
MongoDB Atlas is in the Google Cloud Marketplace. With just one click, you can get started today with our Pay-As-You-Go option.
How do I run MongoDB on Google Cloud?
To deploy MongoDB on Google Cloud, you can set up a new cluster on MongoDB Atlas, or live-migrate an existing MongoDB deployment using the Atlas Live Migration Service.
How do I access MongoDB on Google Cloud?
Once you have deployed your MongoDB cluster on Google Cloud, either by using MongoDB Atlas or creating a self-managed cluster, use the cluster’s connection string to access either from the command line, or through a MongoDB driver in your language of choice.
Is MongoDB free on Google Cloud?
MongoDB Atlas has a free tier that’s ideal for trying out the service as you get comfortable. If you’re using our fully-managed platform, you’re only billed for what you use. If you’re managing your own cluster, your Google Cloud pricing for the resources it uses will apply.
What is MongoDB Atlas?
MongoDB Atlas is the fully-managed document database service in the cloud, brought to you by the core team at MongoDB, helping organizations drive innovation at scale by providing a unified way to work with data that addresses operational, search, and analytical workloads across multiple application architectures, all while automatically handling the movement and integration of data for its users.
Can I buy MongoDB Atlas in the Google Cloud Marketplace?
Yes, MongoDB Atlas is available in the Google Cloud Marketplace. There are no minimums and no upfront commitment required; your Atlas cost will be billed to your Google Cloud account.
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