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Set up, operate, and scale MongoDB across Azure with just a few clicks.

MongoDB Atlas is available and trusted by industry leaders across Azure regions

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Some ways MongoDB Atlas can help your organization

Reduce your operational overhead

Deploy a cluster in a dedicated Azure Virtual Network in minutes. Modify your cluster on demand with zero downtime. Patches and minor upgrades are automatically applied without manual intervention.

Fully elastic

Scale up, out, or down by pushing a button in the GUI or with a simple API call. Automatic storage scaling further reduces overhead by provisioning additional cluster storage capacity when it’s needed.


Rest easy knowing that your data is protected with always-on authentication, IP whitelisting, end-to-end encryption, and a fault-tolerant, self-healing database backed by an uptime SLA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The basics of MongoDB Atlas

What is MongoDB Atlas?

MongoDB Atlas is a database as a service created by the experts who design and engineer MongoDB.

Launching an application on any database typically requires careful planning to ensure performance, high availability, security, and disaster recovery. For as long as you run your application, you have ongoing obligations that require deep expertise to continue to meet your operational goals. With MongoDB Atlas, most of this overhead goes away; Atlas provides all of the features of MongoDB while automating database administration tasks such as database configuration, infrastructure provisioning, patches, scaling events, backups, and more. This allows you to deliver applications or new features quickly, and focus on what matters most to you and your customers.

What scale does MongoDB Atlas support?

MongoDB is one of the most scalable databases on the planet, and MongoDB Atlas brings you that same scalability, but with us managing it for you: - You can scale up or down on larger instance types with no application downtime - You can scale out across multiple instances with no application downtime using MongoDB’s native sharding capabilities

How much does MongoDB Atlas cost?

It is free to start with MongoDB Atlas for learning, prototyping, and early development. For dedicated clusters, MongoDB Atlas is billed hourly based on how much you use. The hourly rate depends on a number of factors, most importantly the size and number of servers you use. You will receive a single bill from MongoDB that explains your hourly use and backup fees.

For example, if you deploy on AWS a 3-node replica set of M40s and run it 24/7 for one month using the included 80GB of standard block storage, and you have exactly 80GB, your costs would be: - Per server hourly cost1: ~$0.34 - Total servers: 3 - Total hours: 720 - Backup data: 80GB @ $2.50/GB/month - Total monthly fees paid to MongoDB: $946.79

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