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Online Archive.
Tier your MongoDB Atlas data, query it in place.

Automate data tiering with MongoDB Atlas Online Archive. Scale your storage and optimize costs while keeping data accessible.

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Seamlessly manage your MongoDB Atlas data tiering at scale with Online Archive. Create custom rules to automatically archive MongoDB Atlas data to fully manage cloud object storage so that you can optimize cost and performance without sacrificing data accessibility.

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Automated data tiering

Set custom parameters to automatically archive MongoDB Atlas aged data to inexpensive, fully managed cloud object storage. Balance price and performance — while removing the need for manual data offload or deletion.

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Accessible archives

Query all your data through a single, unified endpoint for fast insights. Online Archive ensures that your MongoDB Atlas data is readily available — and can be accessed alongside data stored in your cluster.

Fully integrated and managed

Configure and control Online Archive directly from the MongoDB Atlas UI. Work with all your Atlas data in a single, seamless interface — and free your developers from manual maintenance.

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Feature overview

Manage MongoDB
data at scale

Manage your entire data lifecycle cost-effectively without replicating or migrating it across multiple systems.
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Create flexible archival rules
Set rules to archive MongoDB data based on a date field or a custom criteria to fit your unique use case. You can edit or pause your rules at any time using the MongoDB Atlas UI or API.
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Query your data in-place
Run queries in-place across your live and historical data using a unified endpoint. Access your data through a standard connection or private endpoint.
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Learn more about Atlas Online Archive

View our resources to learn more about how to start using Atlas Online Archive today!
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Start using Online Archive in MongoDB Atlas today

Create and configure a dedicated MongoDB Atlas cluster — and an Online Archive alongside it. Optimize costs and performance as your data grows.
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