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Create a Vulnerability Report

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  • Evaluation of a Vulnerability Report
  • Disclosure

If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability in MongoDB products or have experienced a security incident related to MongoDB products, please report the issue to aid in its resolution. For more information on vulnerability reports, see the following resources:

  • MongoDB Security information on our website

  • Webform for vulnerability report submission

MongoDB, Inc. validates all submitted vulnerabilities through internal investigation. If needed, MongoDB representatives will reach out to the reporter for further information and to provide the results of the investigation. Please allow MongoDB representatives up to one week to acknowledge submissions.

MongoDB, Inc. requests that you do not publicly disclose any information regarding the vulnerability or exploit the issue until it has had the opportunity to analyze the vulnerability, to respond to the notification, and to notify key users, customers, and partners.

The amount of time required to validate a reported vulnerability depends on the complexity and severity of the issue. MongoDB, Inc. takes all required vulnerabilities very seriously and will always ensure that there is a clear and open channel of communication with the reporter.

After validating an issue, MongoDB, Inc. coordinates public disclosure of the issue with the reporter in a mutually agreed timeframe and format. If required or requested, the reporter of a vulnerability will receive credit in the published security bulletin.


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