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Creates a directory at the specified path. This method creates the entire path specified if the enclosing directory or directories do not already exit. The user running the mongo shell must have permission to create directories in the specified path.

This method is equivalent to mkdir -p with BSD or GNU utilities.

The mkdir() method has the following parameter:

Parameter Type Description
path string A path on the local filesystem.

New in version 3.4.

mkdir() returns a document with information about the result of the operation.

On success, mkdir() returns the following:

{ "exists" : true, "created" : true }

If the directory at the specified path already exists, mkdir() returns the following:

{ "exists" : true, "created" : false }


The following command creates a directory called foo in the shell’s current working directory.


The above command returns the following output:

{ "exists" : true, "created" : true }
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