This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

2.4 Changelog


  • Packaging: Init script sets process ulimit to different value compared to documentation (SERVER-17780)
  • Security: Compute BinData length in v8 (SERVER-17647)
  • Build: Upgrade PCRE Version from 8.30 to Latest (SERVER-17252)

2.4.13 - Changes

2.4.12 - Changes

  • Sharding: Sharded connection cleanup on setup error can crash mongos (SERVER-15056)
  • Sharding: “type 7” (OID) error when acquiring distributed lock for first time (SERVER-13616)
  • Storage: explicitly zero .ns files on creation (SERVER-15369)
  • Storage: partially written journal last section causes recovery to fail (SERVER-15111)

2.4.11 - Changes

  • Security: Potential information leak (SERVER-14268)
  • Replication: _id with $prefix field causes replication failure due to unvalidated insert (SERVER-12209)
  • Sharding: Invalid access: seg fault in SplitChunkCommand::run (SERVER-14342)
  • Indexing: Creating descending index on _id can corrupt namespace (SERVER-14833)
  • Text Search: Updates to documents with text-indexed fields may lead to incorrect entries (SERVER-14738)
  • Build: Add SCons flag to override treating all warnings as errors (SERVER-13724)
  • Packaging: Fix mongodb enterprise 2.4 init script to allow multiple processes per host (SERVER-14336)
  • JavaScript: Do not store native function pointer as a property in function prototype (SERVER-14254)

2.4.10 - Changes

  • Indexes: Fixed issue that can cause index corruption when building indexes concurrently (SERVER-12990)
  • Indexes: Fixed issue that can cause index corruption when shutting down secondary node during index build (SERVER-12956)
  • Indexes: Mongod now recognizes incompatible “future” text and geo index versions and exits gracefully (SERVER-12914)
  • Indexes: Fixed issue that can cause secondaries to fail replication when building the same index multiple times concurrently (SERVER-12662)
  • Indexes: Fixed issue that can cause index corruption on the tenth index in a collection if the index build fails (SERVER-12481)
  • Indexes: Introduced versioning for text and geo indexes to ensure backwards compatibility (SERVER-12175)
  • Indexes: Disallowed building indexes on the system.indexes collection, which can lead to initial sync failure on secondaries (SERVER-10231)
  • Sharding: Avoid frequent immediate balancer retries when config servers are out of sync (SERVER-12908)
  • Sharding: Add indexes to locks collection on config servers to avoid long queries in case of large numbers of collections (SERVER-12548)
  • Sharding: Fixed issue that can corrupt the config metadata cache when sharding collections concurrently (SERVER-12515)
  • Sharding: Don’t move chunks created on collections with a hashed shard key if the collection already contains data (SERVER-9259)
  • Replication: Fixed issue where node appears to be down in a replica set during a compact operation (SERVER-12264)
  • Replication: Fixed issue that could cause delays in elections when a node is not vetoing an election (SERVER-12170)
  • Replication: Step down all primaries if multiple primaries are detected in replica set to ensure correct election result (SERVER-10793)
  • Replication: Upon clock skew detection, secondaries will switch to sync directly from the primary to avoid sync cycles (SERVER-8375)
  • Runtime: The SIGXCPU signal is now caught and mongod writes a log message and exits gracefully (SERVER-12034)
  • Runtime: Fixed issue where mongod fails to start on Linux when /sys/dev/block directory is not readable (SERVER-9248)
  • Windows: No longer zero-fill newly allocated files on systems other than Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 (SERVER-8480)
  • GridFS: Chunk size is decreased to 255 kB (from 256 kB) to avoid overhead with usePowerOf2Sizes option (SERVER-13331)
  • SNMP: Fixed MIB file validation under smilint (SERVER-12487)
  • Shell: Fixed issue in V8 memory allocation that could cause long-running shell commands to crash (SERVER-11871)
  • Shell: Fixed memory leak in the md5sumFile shell utility method (SERVER-11560)