This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.




Returns information for all the roles in the database on which the command runs. The method can be run with or without an argument.

If run without an argument, db.getRoles() returns inheritance information for the database’s user-defined roles.

To return more information, pass the db.getRoles() a document with the following fields:

Field Type Description
rolesInfo integer Set this field to 1 to retrieve all user-defined roles.
showPrivileges boolean Optional. Set the field to true to show role privileges, including both privileges inherited from other roles and privileges defined directly. By default, the command returns only the roles from which this role inherits privileges and does not return specific privileges.
showBuiltinRoles boolean Optional. Set to true to display built-in roles as well as user-defined roles.

db.getRoles() wraps the rolesInfo command.

Required Access

To view a role’s information, you must be either explicitly granted the role or must have the viewRole action on the role’s database.


The following operations return documents for all the roles on the products database, including role privileges and built-in roles:

      rolesInfo: 1,
      showBuiltinRoles: true