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Replication Commands


For details on a specific command, including syntax and examples, click on the link to the command’s reference page.

Name Description
applyOps Internal command that applies oplog entries to the current data set.
hello Displays information about this member’s role in the replica set, including whether it is the primary.
isMaster Deprecated Use hello instead.
replSetAbortPrimaryCatchUp Forces the elected primary to abort sync (catch up) then complete the transition to primary.
replSetFreeze Prevents the current member from seeking election as primary for a period of time.
replSetGetConfig Returns the replica set’s configuration object.
replSetGetStatus Returns a document that reports on the status of the replica set.
replSetInitiate Initializes a new replica set.
replSetMaintenance Enables or disables a maintenance mode, which puts a secondary node in a RECOVERING state.
replSetReconfig Applies a new configuration to an existing replica set.
replSetResizeOplog Dynamically resizes the oplog for a replica set member. Available for WiredTiger storage engine only.
replSetStepDown Forces the current primary to step down and become a secondary, forcing an election.
replSetSyncFrom Explicitly override the default logic for selecting a member to replicate from.
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