Deprecated since v3.2

Starting in v3.2, the $showDiskLoc operator is deprecated in the mongo shell. In the mongo shell, use cursor.showRecordId() instead.

$showDiskLoc option adds a field $diskLoc to the returned documents. The value of the added $diskLoc field is a document that contains the disk location information:

"$diskLoc": {
  "file": <int>,
  "offset": <int>

The mongo shell provides the cursor.showDiskLoc() method for $showDiskLoc:


You can also specify the $showDiskLoc option in either of the following forms:

db.collection.find( { <query> } )._addSpecial("$showDiskLoc" , true)
db.collection.find( { $query: { <query> }, $showDiskLoc: true } )
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