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Starting in version 3.2, MongoDB also provides the db.collection.bulkWrite() method for performing bulk write operations.



Adds a single document replacement operation to a bulk operations list. Use the Bulk.find() method to specify the condition that determines which document to replace. The Bulk.find.replaceOne() method limits the replacement to a single document.

Bulk.find.replaceOne() accepts the following parameter:

Parameter Type Description
replacement document

A replacement document that completely replaces the existing document. Contains only field and value pairs.

The sum of the associated <query> document from the Bulk.find() and the replacement document must be less than or equal to the maximum BSON document size.

To specify an upsert for this operation, see Bulk.find.upsert().

To specify the index to use for the associated Bulk.find(), see Bulk.find.hint().


The following example initializes a Bulk() operations builder for the items collection, and adds various replaceOne operations to the list of operations.

var bulk = db.items.initializeUnorderedBulkOp();
bulk.find( { item: "abc123" } ).replaceOne( { item: "abc123", status: "P", points: 100 } );