This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.




Returns information for all the users in the database.

db.getUsers() wraps the usersInfo: 1 command.

The db.getUsers() method can take the following options:

db.getUsers( {
   showCredentials: <Boolean>,
   filter: <document>
} )
Field Type Description
showCredentials boolean Optional. Set the field to true to display the user’s password hash. By default, this field is false.
filter document Optional. A document that specifies $match stage conditions to return information for users that match the filter conditions.

For more information, see usersInfo.

Required Access

To view another user’s information, you must have the viewUser action on the other user’s database.

Users can view their own information.


View All Users for a Database that Match the Specified Filter

The db.getUsers() method can accept a filter document to return information for users that match the filter condition.

To view all users for the current database who have SCRAM-SHA-256 credentials:

db.getUsers({ filter: { mechanisms: "SCRAM-SHA-256" } })

When viewing all users, you can specify the showCredentials option but not the showPrivileges or the showAuthenticationRestrictions options.