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Returns an array of write operations executed through Bulk.execute(). The returned write operations are in groups as determined by MongoDB for execution. For information on how MongoDB groups the list of bulk write operations, see Bulk.execute() Behavior.

Only use Bulk.getOperations() after a Bulk.execute(). Calling Bulk.getOperations() before you call Bulk.execute() will result in an incomplete list.


The following initializes a Bulk() operations builder on the items collection, adds a series of write operations, executes the operations, and then calls getOperations() on the bulk builder object:

var bulk = db.items.initializeUnorderedBulkOp();

for (var i = 1; i <= 1500; i++) {
    bulk.insert( { x: i } );


The getOperations() method returns an array with the operations executed. The output shows that MongoDB divided the operations into 2 groups, one with 1000 operations and one with 500. For information on how MongoDB groups the list of bulk write operations, see Bulk.execute() Behavior

Although the method returns all 1500 operations in the returned array, this page omits some of the results for brevity.

      "originalZeroIndex" : 0,
      "batchType" : 1,
      "operations" : [
         { "_id" : ObjectId("53a8959f1990ca24d01c6165"), "x" : 1 },

         ... // Content omitted for brevity

         { "_id" : ObjectId("53a8959f1990ca24d01c654c"), "x" : 1000 }
      "originalZeroIndex" : 1000,
      "batchType" : 1,
      "operations" : [
         { "_id" : ObjectId("53a8959f1990ca24d01c654d"), "x" : 1001 },

         ... // Content omitted for brevity

         { "_id" : ObjectId("53a8959f1990ca24d01c6740"), "x" : 1500 }

Returned Fields

The array contains documents with the following fields:


Specifies the order in which the operation was added to the bulk operations builder, based on a zero index; e.g. first operation added to the bulk operations builder will have originalZeroIndex value of 0.


Specifies the write operations type.

batchType Operation
1 Insert
2 Update
3 Remove

Array of documents that contain the details of the operation.

See also

Bulk() and Bulk.execute().