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Returns information on free monitoring status.

The mongo shell helper db.getFreeMonitoringStatus() is a wrapper around the getFreeMonitoringStatus command.

Access Control

When running with access control, the user must have the checkFreeMonitoringStatus privilege actions on the cluster. That is, a user must have a role that grants the following privilege:

{ resource: { cluster : true }, actions: [ "checkFreeMonitoringStatus" ] }

The built-in role clusterMonitor role provides this privilege.


The method returns a document with the following fields:

Field Description
state The free monitoring enablement state. Values are either: "enabled" or "disabled".
message Any informational message related to your state.

The unique URL at which your monitoring data can be accessed.


Anyone with whom you share this unique URL can access your monitored data.

Even when disabled, your unique URL is returned so that if you re-enable monitoring, you can access your previous metrics.

userReminder Any informational message related to your state.

Status of the getFreeMonitoringStatus operation itself. Values are either:

  • 1 if the operation was successful.
  • 0 if the operation was not successful.


You can use db.getFreeMonitoringStatus() to check your free monitoring status


The method returns information on your free monitoring status.

   "state" : "enabled",
   "message" : "To see your monitoring data, navigate to the unique URL below.\nAnyone you share the URL with will also be able to view this page.\n\n\n\nYou can disable monitoring at any time by running db.disableFreeMonitoring().",
   "url" : "",
   "userReminder" : "",
   "ok" : 1

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