This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.




Deletes all user-defined roles on the database where you run the command.


The dropAllRolesFromDatabase removes all user-defined roles from the database.


In the mongo Shell, this command can also be run through the db.dropAllRoles helper method.

Helper methods are convenient for mongo users, but they may not return the same level of information as database commands. In cases where the convenience is not needed or the additional return fields are required, use the database command.

The dropAllRolesFromDatabase command takes the following form:

  dropAllRolesFromDatabase: 1,
  writeConcern: { <write concern> }

The command has the following fields:

Field Type Description
dropAllRolesFromDatabase integer Specify 1 to drop all user-defined roles from the database where the command is run.
writeConcern document Optional. The level of write concern for the removal operation. The writeConcern document takes the same fields as the getLastError command.

Required Access

You must have the dropRole action on a database to drop a role from that database.


The following operations drop all user-defined roles from the products database:

use products
     dropAllRolesFromDatabase: 1,
     writeConcern: { w: "majority" }

The n field in the results document reports the number of roles dropped:

{ "n" : 4, "ok" : 1 }