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Sharding Commands


For details on a specific command, including syntax and examples, click on the link to the command’s reference page.

Name Description
addShard Adds a shard to a sharded cluster.
addShardToZone Associates a shard with a zone. Supports configuring zones in sharded clusters.
balancerStart Starts a balancer thread.
balancerStatus Returns information on the balancer status.
balancerStop Stops the balancer thread.
checkShardingIndex Internal command that validates index on shard key.
clearJumboFlag Clears the jumbo flag for a chunk.
cleanupOrphaned Removes orphaned data with shard key values outside of the ranges of the chunks owned by a shard.
enableSharding Enables sharding on a specific database.
flushRouterConfig Forces a mongod/mongos instance to update its cached routing metadata.
getShardMap Internal command that reports on the state of a sharded cluster.
getShardVersion Internal command that returns the config server version.
isdbgrid Verifies that a process is a mongos.
listShards Returns a list of configured shards.
medianKey Deprecated internal command. See splitVector.
moveChunk Internal command that migrates chunks between shards.
movePrimary Reassigns the primary shard when removing a shard from a sharded cluster.
mergeChunks Provides the ability to combine chunks on a single shard.
removeShard Starts the process of removing a shard from a sharded cluster.
removeShardFromZone Removes the association between a shard and a zone. Supports configuring zones in sharded clusters.
setAllowMigrations Prevents the start of new automatic migrations on a collection, prevents in-flight manual migrations from committing, and excludes the collection from new balancer rounds.
setShardVersion Internal command to sets the config server version.
shardCollection Enables the sharding functionality for a collection, allowing the collection to be sharded.
shardingState Reports whether the mongod is a member of a sharded cluster.
split Creates a new chunk.
splitVector Internal command that determines split points.
unsetSharding Internal command that affects connections between instances in a MongoDB deployment.
updateZoneKeyRange Adds or removes the association between a range of sharded data and a zone. Supports configuring zones in sharded clusters.
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