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$tan (aggregation)

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Returns the tangent of a value that is measured in radians.

$tan has the following syntax:

{ $tan: <expression> }

$tan takes any valid expression that resolves to a number. If the expression returns a value in degrees, use the $degreesToRadians operator to convert the result to radians.

By default $tan returns values as a double. $tan can also return values as a 128-bit decimal as long as the <expression> resolves to a 128-bit decimal value.

For more information on expressions, see Expression Operators.

If the argument resolves to a value of null or refers to a field that is missing, $tan returns null. If the argument resolves to NaN, $tan returns NaN. If the argument resolves to negative or positive infinity, $tan throws an error.

{ $tan: NaN }
{ $tan: null }

{ $tan : Infinity}


{ $tan : -Infinity }

Throws an error message resembling the following formatted output:

"errmsg" :
"Failed to optimize pipeline :: caused by :: cannot
apply $tan to -inf, value must in (-inf,inf)"
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