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getClusterParameter is an administrative command for retrieving the values of cluster parameters. Cluster parameters are configurable parameters that affect all nodes in a sharded cluster.

To run getClusterParameter, use the db.adminCommand( { command } ) method.

The getClusterParameter command is only available in self-managed installations. The getClusterParameter command is not available in MongoDB Atlas.

This command is available in deployments hosted in the following environments:

  • MongoDB Atlas: The fully managed service for MongoDB deployments in the cloud


This command is supported in all MongoDB Atlas clusters. For information on all commands, see Unsupported Commands.

  • MongoDB Enterprise: The subscription-based, self-managed version of MongoDB

  • MongoDB Community: The source-available, free-to-use, and self-managed version of MongoDB

The command has the following syntax:

getClusterParameter: <parameter> | [<parameter>, <parameter>] | "'*'"

The command takes the following fields:

String or array of strings

You can specify one of the following:

  • The name of the parameter you want to retrieve.

  • An array with the names of multiple parameters.

  • '*', to return values for all parameters available to getClusterParameter.

  • You can only run getClusterParameter on the admin database. If you run the command on any other database, MongoDB returns an error.

  • You can run getClusterParameter on any node in a replica set or sharded cluster.

  • When you run getClusterParameter on mongod, getClusterParameter returns cached parameter values.

  • When you run getClusterParameter on mongos, getClusterParameter returns the durable value of the cluster parameter from the config server.

When authentication is enabled, getClusterParameter only works when authenticated as a user with a role that has access to the getClusterParameter action.


The output of the following examples may vary depending on the specific configuration of the running MongoDB deployment.

The following operation runs getClusterParameter on the admin database using a value of hostName to retrieve the value for a hypothetical cluster parameter named hostName:

use admin
db.adminCommand( { getClusterParameter : "hostName" } )

The following operation runs getClusterParameter on the admin database using the values hostName and testParameter to retrieve the values for hypothetical cluster parameters named hostName and testParameter:

use admin
db.adminCommand( { getClusterParameter: [ "hostName", "testParameter" ] } )

The following operation runs getClusterParameter with a value of '*' to retrieve the values from all cluster parameters:

use admin
db.adminCommand( { getClusterParameter : '*' } )


See also:

setClusterParameter for more about these parameters.