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Connect via VS Code

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  • Copy Your Deployment's Connection Information
  • Create a Connection to a Deployment

To connect to a database deployment with VS Code, copy your connection information from Atlas and use it to connect using VS Code. You can connect to a standalone, replica set, or sharded cluster host.

To find and copy your deployment's connection information:


Click Database near the top of the Atlas console.


A Connect dialog appears with a list of available connection methods.


Follow the directions under Connecting with MongoDB for VS Code to create a connection to your database deployment.

For instructions on creating a connection to your database deployment using VS Code, see Connect to Your MongoDB Deployment in the MongoDB for VS Code documentation. If you copied your Atlas connection string in the previous procedure, follow the steps to use your Atlas connection string.


The Connect to Your MongoDB Deployment page also provides information on disconnecting from a deployment and information on activating, renaming and removing a connection.

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