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Set the Client Log Level - Node.js SDK

Changed in version 12.0.0: Deprecated in favor of Realm Logger


This page shows how to set a Sync client log level in Realm Node.js SDK versions 11.10.2 and earlier. Realm Node.js SDK v12.0.0 supersedes this logging implementation with a Realm logger you can set and configure for your application. For information on how to set a Realm logger in a later version, refer to Logging - Node.js SDK.

You can set the realm Sync client log level by calling Realm.App.Sync.setLogLevel() with your Realm.App.


In the following example, an application developer sets the sync client log level to "debug".

Realm.App.Sync.setLogLevel(app, "debug");


To diagnose and troubleshoot errors while developing your application, set the log level to debug or trace. For production deployments, decrease the log level for improved performance.

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