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CRUD - Update - Flutter SDK

On this page

  • Update Objects
  • Update Object Properties
  • Upsert Objects

Updates to RealmObjects must occur within write transactions. For more information about write trasactions, see: Write Transactions.

The SDK supports update and upsert operations. An upsert operation either inserts a new instance of an object or updates an existing object that meets certain criteria. For more information, refer to the Upsert Objects section on this page.

You cannot update asymmetric objects. This is because asymmetric objects are special write-only objects that do not persist to the database. For information on how to use asymmetric objects in your application, refer to Stream Data to Atlas - Flutter SDK.

The examples on this page use two object types, Person and Team.

class _Person {
late ObjectId id;
late String name;
late List<String> hobbies;
class _Team {
late ObjectId id;
late String name;
late List<_Person> crew;
late RealmValue eventLog;

To modify an object's properties, update the properties in a write transaction block.

realm.write(() { = 'Galactic Republic Scout Team';
.addAll([Person(ObjectId(), 'Luke'), Person(ObjectId(), 'Leia')]);

To upsert an object, call Realm.add() with the optional update flag set to true inside a transaction block. The operation inserts a new object with the given primary key if an object with that primary key does not exist. If there's already an object with that primary key, the operation updates the existing object for that primary key.

final id = ObjectId();
// Add Anakin Skywalker to the realm with primary key `id`
final anakin = Person(
"Anakin Skywalker",
realm.write(() {
// Overwrite the 'Anakin' Person object
// with a new 'Darth Vader' object
final darthVader = Person(id, 'Darth Vader');
realm.write(() {
realm.add<Person>(darthVader, update: true);
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