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RealmValue - .NET SDK

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New in version 10.2.0.

The RealmValue data type is a mixed data type, and can represent any other valid Realm data type except a collection. You can create collections (lists, sets, and dictionaries) of type RealmValue, but a RealmValue itself cannot be a collection:

// CS0029 - Cannot implicitly convert type:
RealmValue myList = new List<Inventory>();
// These are valid uses of RealmValue:
var rvList = new List<RealmValue>();
var rvDict = new Dictionary<string, RealmValue>();


You cannot create a nullable RealmValue. However, if you want a RealmValue property to contain a null value, you can use the special RealmValue.Null property.

The following code demonstrates creating a RealmValue property in a class that inherits from IRealmObject and then setting and getting the value of that property:

public partial class MyRealmValueObject : IRealmObject
public Guid Id { get; set; }
public RealmValue MyValue { get; set; }
// A nullable RealmValue property is *not supported*
// public RealmValue? NullableRealmValueNotAllowed { get; set; }
private void TestRealmValue()
var obj = new MyRealmValueObject();
// set the value to null:
obj.MyValue = RealmValue.Null;
// or an int...
obj.MyValue = 1;
// or a string...
obj.MyValue = "abc";
// Use RealmValueType to check the type:
if (obj.MyValue.Type == RealmValueType.String)
var myString = obj.MyValue.AsString();
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