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Update Data - .NET SDK

On this page

  • Modify an Object
  • Upserts
  • Update a Collection

Updates are the same as creating a new document. When updating documents, all writes must happen in a transaction.

The following example shows how to modify an existing object. In this example, we are updating the Name and Age properties of a Dog object:

var dog = realm.All<Dog>().First();
realm.WriteAsync(() =>
dog.Name = "Wolfie";
dog.Age += 1;

An upsert allows you to create or modify a document without knowing if the document already exists. For more information, see Upsert a Realm Object.

The following code demonstrates how to update a collection.

realm.Write(() =>
// Create someone to take care of some dogs.
var ali = new Person { Id = id, Name = "Ali" };
// Find dogs younger than 2.
var puppies = realm.All<Dog>().Where(dog => dog.Age < 2);
// Loop through one by one to update.
foreach (var puppy in puppies)
// Add Ali to the list of Owners for each puppy


Because realm uses implicit inverse relationships between the Dog's Owners property and the Person's Dogs property, Realm automatically updates Ali's list of dogs at the same time we update each dog's Owners list.

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