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Run Queries Against Your Federated Database Instance

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Estimated completion time: 5 minutes

You can run operations using the MongoDB Query Language (MQL) which includes most, but not all standard server commands. To learn which MQL operations are supported, see the MQL Support documentation.


The Atlas Data Federation sample datasets are read-only.

To complete this part of the tutorial, you will need to have completed:

You must be connected to your federated database instance with the MongoDB Shell before running the following queries.

These example queries differ depending on whether you used the Feed Downstream Systems, Explore with Sample Data, or the Query Data Across Clusters wizard to deploy your federated database instance. Click the appropriate tab for the corresponding examples.

Congratulations! You just set up a federated database instance, created a database and collections from data stored in an S3 bucket, and queried the data using MQL commands.

For more information on federated database instances, see Atlas Data Federation.


When you dynamically generate collections from filenames, the number of collections is not accurately reported in the Data Federation view.

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