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The following limitations apply to Atlas Stream Processing:

  • Atlas Stream Processing is currently only available on AWS, in the US-EAST-1 region. This only applies to stream processing instances themselves; your stream processors can still read from and write to clusters hosted on different cloud providers, or in different regions provided they are in the same project as the stream processing instance.

  • The combined state.stateSize of all stream processing instances can't exceed 80% of the RAM available for a worker in the same SPI tier. For example, the maximum size of a stream processor in the SP30 tier which has 8GB of RAM per worker, is 6.4GB. If the state.stateSize of any of your stream processors is approaching 80% of the RAM available for a worker in the same SPI tier, move up to the next SPI tier.

    When the 80% RAM threshold has been crossed, all stream processors fail with a stream processing instance out of memeory error. You can view the state.stateSize value of each stream processor with the sp.processor.stats() command. See View Statistics of a Stream Processor to learn more.

  • A stream processing instance can use only clusters in the same project as sources or sinks.

  • An Atlas Stream Processing pipeline definition cannot exceed 16 MB.

  • Only users with the Project Owner or Atlas admin roles can use Atlas Stream Processing.

  • Atlas Stream Processing currently supports only the following connection types:

    Connection Type
    Apache Kafka
    Source or Sink
    Atlas Database
    Source or Sink
    Sample Connection
    Source Only
  • For Atlas Stream Processing using Apache Kafka as a $source, if the Apache Kafka topic acting as $source to the running processor adds a partition, Atlas Stream Processing continues running without reading the partition. The processor fails when it detects the new partition after you restore it from a checkpoint after a failure, or you restart it after stopping it. You must recreate the processors that read from topics with the newly added partitions.

  • Atlas Stream Processing currently supports only JSON-formatted data. It does not currently support alternative serializations such as Avro or Protocol Buffers.

  • For Apache Kafka connections, Atlas Stream Processing currently supports only the following security protocols:



    • SASL_SSL

    Atlas Stream Processing currently doesn't support custom SSL certificates.

    For SASL, Atlas Stream Processing supports the following mechanisms:

    • PLAIN

    • SCRAM-SHA-256

    • SCRAM-SHA-512

  • Atlas Stream Processing doesn't support $function JavaScript UDFs.

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