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MongoDB Atlas allows you to run our fully-managed developer data platform on Google Cloud in just a few clicks. Set up, scale, and operate MongoDB Atlas anywhere in the world with the versatility, security and high-availability you need.
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Deliver game-changing customer experiences with MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud
There are many ways to build out your tech stack, but which of them maps to how your developers think? Run MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud to gain true multicloud capabilities, best-in-class automation, workload intelligence, and proven practices with the smartest developer data platform available.
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Get advanced intelligence and analytics with Google BigQuery integrated with dataflow and pub/sub.

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MongoDB Atlas is available on Google Cloud Marketplace
Consolidated billing through your GC account: pay as you go with no minimums or upfront commitments.
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Can I use MongoDB with GC?
You absolutely can use MongoDB on GC. MongoDB is available on GC fully-managed through MongoDB Atlas.
How do I run MongoDB on GC?
To deploy MongoDB on GC, you can set up a new cluster on MongoDB Atlas, or live-migrate an existing MongoDB deployment using the Atlas Live Migration Service.
How do I access MongoDB on GC?
Once you have deployed your MongoDB cluster on GC, either by using MongoDB Atlas or creating a self-managed cluster, use the cluster’s connection string to access either from the command line, or through a MongoDB driver in your language of choice.
Is MongoDB Free on GC?
MongoDB Atlas has a free tier that’s ideal for trying out the service as you get comfortable. If you’re using our fully managed platform, you’re only billed for what you use. If you’re managing your own cluster, your GC pricing for the resources it uses will apply.
What is MongoDB Atlas?
MongoDB Atlas is the fully managed document database service in the cloud, brought to you by the core team at MongoDB.
Can I buy MongoDB Atlas on GC Marketplace?
Yes, MongoDB Atlas is available on GC Marketplace. There are no minimums and no upfront commitment required; your Atlas cost will be billed to your GC account. Get Started.

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