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Cloud Provider Snapshots

Fully managed backup service using the native snapshotting capabilities of your underlying cloud provider.


Price (based on data size on disk)Starting at $0.14/GB/mo

Cloud provider snapshots are stored in the same cloud region as your database.

Continuous Backups

Fully managed backup service with support for replica sets, sharded clusters, point-in-time restore, and queryable snapshots for faster restores of granular datasets.

Price1st GB free per replica set then $1.50 - $2.50/GB/mo

Continuous backups for databases deployed in London, Frankfurt, Ireland, and Sydney are stored in the same region as the database. Backups for databases deployed in the US are stored in the Eastern US. Backups for all other regions are stored in Ireland.

BI Connector for Atlas

Use MongoDB Atlas as a data source for your business intelligence and visualization platforms. The BI Connector for Atlas is available with MongoDB Atlas Enterprise and above or for an uplift on the cost of the associated database clusters.

Granular database auditing

Use MongoDB Atlas to retrieve audit logs tracking any operation taken against a managed database cluster. Database-level auditing is available with MongoDB Atlas Enterprise or for an uplift on the cost of the associated database clusters.

Advanced Security

Bring your own encryption key management service and integrate MongoDB Atlas with your LDAP servers. The Advanced Security Add-on is available with MongoDB Atlas Enterprise and above or for an uplift on the cost of the associated database clusters.

Choose your level of support

Basic support is included for all customers and covers availability of the Atlas service, connectivity issues, and questions about the UI or platform features.
In-app chat support
Availability of Atlas service
Connectivity issues
UI usage or platform features
Access to 24/7 support portal
Provide advice on data best practices
Provide advice on performance improvements
Provide advice on scaling and sharding
Response time SLA
PricingIncludedStarting at $49 per month
Need a faster response time SLA or unlimited access to add-ons such as granular database auditing and the BI Connector for Atlas?
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Migrating your self-managed MongoDB deployment to Atlas? Smart move. Let us help you maximize your investment.

MongoDB's consulting team can help you smoothly migrate your self-managed MongoDB deployment to Atlas and maximize your Atlas investment right from the start. Our Atlas Cluster Migration consulting package provides:

  • Migration Planning and Testing support to ensure an optimal migration approach tailored to your application's requirements and constraints, getting you up and running on Atlas in minimal time
  • Integration assistance to help your team ensure that your Atlas deployment is fully integrated with existing systems for database management and security
  • Performance Evaluation and Tuning expertise to optimize the performance, scalability, and efficiency of your Atlas deployment
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