MongoDB Go Driver updated to version 1.0.4

A new release of the MongoDB Go Driver has been made available by the Go Driver Team. Version 1.0.4 has a number of bug fixes and improvements which are listed in the release notes for 1.0.4. The changes include:

  • When reading a whole file at once, the next read now returns EOF.
  • When using a cursor with a legacy server and limit set, we no longer leak a connection.
  • Query failures are now properly wrapped in a mongo.CommandError.
  • Running ListCollections against a legacy server now filters indexes.
  • Specified behavior where connection string contains authentication database but no credentials.

General documentation for the MongoDB Go Driver is available on GoDoc and on the MongoDB Documentation site. BSON library documentation is also available on GoDoc. Questions can be asked through the mongo-go-driver Google Group and bug reports should be filed against the Go project in the MongoDB JIRA. Your feedback on the Go driver is greatly appreciated.