March 11 Release Notes: Expanded User Roles and a Go Monitoring Agent



Our next cloud release is here! The biggest feature of this release are the enhancements of user roles within MMS. Previously, MMS had only “Group Admin” or “Read Only” roles - these have been expanded to include:

  • Read Only
  • User Admin 
  • Monitoring Admin
  • Backup Admin
  • Owner

All users will continue to have read-only access to all data for their Group. However, each role may modify only the appropriate modules (i.e., you must be a Backup Admin to start or stop MMS Backup, and a User Admin to modify users).

There is also now an alert for exposed hosts. If you enable this alert, MMS will periodically attempt to access your monitored MongoDB instances to make sure they are properly secured and not open to the public internet. In the event that a database is not secure, the owner will receive a notification.

The Monitoring Agent is now available in Go instead of Python. Go has fewer dependencies than Python, making the installation process seamless to the user. Our Backup Agent is also built in Go, and we’ve received lots of positive feedback on the ease of setup. We think that Go is the best fit for our agents for a variety of reasons, including its C-like syntax, strong standard library, the resolution of concurrency problems via goroutines, and painless multi-platform distribution. To learn more about our usage of Go, check out our recent post on the MongoDB blog.

Have an issue or a bug or a feature request? File a ticket in our feature request queue!

-Rachelle (@techbelle)