Consolidated billing and more cluster options on MongoDB Atlas

Jenny Liang

#MongoDB Atlas

We’re constantly making improvements to MongoDB Atlas, whether it’s debuting unique beta features or automatically applying security patches.

Today we're sharing some recent updates that will provide a streamlined billing experience, additional cluster options to suit specialized workloads, and reduced pricing for select clusters.

Consolidated Billing for Multiple Organizations

It’s natural for some teams to want to isolate their different database environments, so that separate business units within a company can share a single MongoDB Cloud account, but only have access to the environments that are relevant to their work. This has been possible by distributing databases across different Projects. However, billing has historically been associated one level above Projects at the Organization level, which meant there was always an Organization-level admin who had access to everything. That’s no longer the case.

You can now streamline annualized billing across multiple organizations in MongoDB Cloud. With new cross-organization billing, you can link organizations and receive one invoice for all your monthly charges across them.

Link MongoDB Cloud organizations for a consolidated billing experience across teams.

This means you can isolate environments at the Organization level instead of the Project level without adding complexity to the billing process. Billing administrators can still view details on usage and charges by organization, but receive a single shared bill each month.

All linked organizations will also share the subscription level of the paying organization. This offers all teams working with MongoDB Atlas, Realm, and Charts the same experience and support level.

Low-CPU Clusters Now Available on Google Cloud and Azure

We recently introduced more cluster options for Atlas customers using Google Cloud and Azure. Low-CPU clusters have half the number of vCPUs and are ideal for applications that require more memory relative to CPUs.

Sample MongoDB Atlas pricing for a low-CPU cluster on Google Cloud

These clusters are approximately 20% cheaper than the General tier equivalent, with a few exceptions. They are available at the M40, M50, M60, M80, M200, M300, and M400 cluster sizes in all Azure regions and select Google Cloud regions on Atlas. For details on regional availability and pricing, please refer to the Cluster Builder in the Atlas UI.

Reduced Cluster Pricing for Azure and AWS

We’ve introduced new smaller storage options for Azure clusters and reduced the base price for new clusters. On average, prices have dropped 9%, with the starting price for a typical M10 being 27% less expensive (and up to 39% in certain regions) than before. In addition, our recent introduction of incremental snapshots to Cloud Backup for Azure means that monthly backup costs will also be reduced for most customers.

As a reminder, we also lowered the price of clusters with local NVMe storage on AWS back in May 2020. On average, we reduced the monthly costs by 27% to make it easier for customers to run workloads that require low-latency and high-throughput IO on Atlas. These clusters are currently available for select tiers from M40 to M400. They come with automatic backups using Cloud Backup and can be optionally auto-scaled if they reach 90% of disk capacity.

For more information on Atlas billing and pricing, please refer to Atlas Documentation.

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