Automated MongoDB Updates, No Problem with Atlas

Jay Gordon


As a developer, you have a lot of different options to run the MongoDB database for your application. But as you plan to launch your app, it’s important to consider how the database is secured, upgraded, and managed moving forward. MongoDB Atlas reduces the manual operations you need to perform to ensure that you have access to the most current features and your database is running with the most recent security fixes.

Maintenance version updates for your MongoDB Atlas database – e.g., from MongoDB 3.4.2 to 3.4.3 – are automated in the background so you don't have to worry about applying the latest revision yourself. You can continue to focus on building your application without having to schedule time to upgrade your database to the latest version. This means that you always have the latest bug fixes, security patches and any other critical updates for MongoDB. MongoDB Atlas ensures these updates are done for you without any intervention by you or your team.

MongoDB Atlas makes it easy to upgrade to the latest available release series as well. There's no need to modify the underlying Operating System or concern yourself with package files. The MongoDB Atlas platform utilizes our automation agents to easily upgrade to this latest version. Upgrades from MongoDB 3.2 to the 3.4 release series are possible from MongoDB Atlas; you can see how to perform these upgrades by going to this YouTube Tutorial on upgrading with MongoDB Atlas.

MongoDB Atlas monitoring agents receive data on this process and notify our alert system if any issues occur during this process. Our 365-24-7 support staff also stand by to monitor our alert system to ensure your upgrade is executed with no issue.

Get Notified

You'll always be able to see if new revision updates have been applied to your cluster. The MongoDB Atlas Alerts page is accessible by clicking the "Alerts" button on the left side of your Atlas control panel. Here you can click on the "All Activity" tab, which provides you with a list of all the recent changes that have been applied to your MongoDB Atlas Cluster.

This screenshot above shows you that the MongoDB 3.4.3 maintenance release has recently been applied to each of our hosts in our three node cluster. During the upgrade from MongoDB 3.4.2 to 3.4.3, MongoDB Atlas recognizes the primary replica set member and automatically upgrades this node last, ensuring that inserts received during a revision upgrade can complete.

Supported MongoDB in the Cloud by MongoDB Engineers

You'll always have the tested and secure version of MongoDB provided by our team of engineers. With MongoDB Atlas, you'll get the newest and most trusted versions of MongoDB directly from the source.

You can trust MongoDB Atlas to provide you with the security, provisioning, patching, and upgrading that lets you focus more time on creating great applications.

You can get started using MongoDB Atlas's free tier to try out some of these automated services today!

Please note that MongoDB Server 3.2 is planned for End of Life on September 2018. Atlas deprecated support for deploying clusters with MongoDB 3.2 in March, 2018. Atlas will automatically upgrade any clusters running MongoDB 3.2 to MongoDB 3.4 in September 2018.