Announcing MongoDB Atlas: Database as a Service for MongoDB

Today we're announcing MongoDB Atlas, the simplest, most robust, and most cost effective way to run MongoDB in the Cloud. Atlas is a database as a service that makes running MongoDB almost effortless, whether you run a single replica set, or a sharded cluster hosting a hundred terabytes.


Using Atlas is simplicity itself. There are no servers to set up, configure, or manage, no backups to schedule, no need to set up monitoring or look for security vulnerabilities. If a server goes down in the night, the system takes care of it for you. And if something cannot be fixed automatically, our 24/7 response team is paged, not you. When you need to add more storage, run on bigger hardware, or add more shards, it's a few clicks in the UI, and Atlas takes care of the rest.


MongoDB Atlas is built upon the components of our current cloud offerings, which have been responsible for managing clusters for years. The monitoring component was first released 4 years ago. Atlas comes with the most advanced backup solution for MongoDB, first released three years ago. It supports point in time recovery, powerful configuration options, and has proven its stability over years of backing up the most demanding MongoDB workloads. The brain behind managing your Atlas clusters, Automation, has been available for two years, delivering reliable cluster creation, rolling upgrades, and configuration changes for thousands of MongoDB deployments in production. So while Atlas itself is new, all of the components that comprise Atlas have been battled tested for many years.

Elastic Pricing:

One of the nice features of cloud products in general is elastic pricing, and we wanted to provide the same convenience for our database as a service. With Atlas you pay for exactly what you use, and we bill your credit card on a monthly basis. You can spin up a cluster for a few hours to kick the tires for just a few dollars, and run your largest, most mission-critical workloads with confidence and predictable pricing.

Other Options to Manage MongoDB:

MongoDB Atlas is the absolute best way to run MongoDB in the cloud. However if you do not want to run entirely in the cloud, we offer other solutions that make managing MongoDB in your chosen environment easy. If you are running a hybrid environment you should look at MongoDB Cloud Manager, and if you are fully On-Prem you should try out MongoDB Ops Manager. All three management products share the same powerful components, assuring you the same peace of mind no matter what environment you run in. Wherever you want to deploy MongoDB, we’ve got you covered.

Today MongoDB Atlas is available for production on AWS, and will be launched with our strategic partners, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform in the future.

MongoDB has always been about getting the database out of the way and making it easy for teams to develop their apps, and now Atlas makes doing so in the cloud easier than ever.

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About the Author - Eliot Horowitz

Eliot is CTO and Co-Founder of MongoDB. He is one of the core MongoDB kernel committers. Previously, he was Co-Founder and CTO of ShopWiki. Eliot developed the crawling and data extraction algorithm that is the core of its innovative technology. He has quickly become one of Silicon Alley's up and coming entrepreneurs and was selected as one of BusinessWeek's Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under Age 25 nationwide in 2006. Earlier, Eliot was a software developer in the R&D group at DoubleClick (acquired by Google for $3.1 billion). Eliot received a BS in Computer Science from Brown University.