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Multi-Cloud Data Distribution

MongoDB Atlas is the only globally distributed, multi-cloud database. Deploy your data across 115+ regions or create a multi-cloud cluster to enable applications that make use of two or more clouds at the same time.

Multi-Cloud Data Distribution

The next step in your multi-cloud journey

Deploy a single database cluster across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud without the operational complexity of managing data replication and migration across clouds.

Build with any cloud service

Deploy application architectures that simultaneously take advantage of the best of breed services from multiple cloud providers

Seamless data mobility

The part of your application that is the hardest to move — the data — becomes the easiest with multi-cloud clusters

Cross-cloud resiliency

Protect the customer experience with automated failover to another cloud provider serving the same geographical location

Satisfy customer demand

Meet any regional or cloud preferences with a single database spanning any combination of the 95+ supported regions

Reach your users, wherever they are

Global clusters geographically partition your database to keep relevant data close to end users for regulatory compliance and low-latency reads and writes

MongoDB Atlas provides recommended global cluster configurations so you can deliver a great experience to all your users around the world. At a click of a button, place the most relevant data near local application servers to ensure low-latency reads and writes.

By being able to define a geographic location for each document, your teams are also able to more easily meet local privacy and compliance measures.

Keep copies of your data in the regions of your choice for low-latency read access and improved redundancy

Across availability zones

MongoDB Atlas automatically distributes the nodes in your replica sets across the availability zones in your selected region, ensuring failover is possible when there are incidents affecting a single cloud data center.

Across cloud regions

Cross-region replication allows you to fail over to a different region during incidents affecting an entire region. Or easily spread copies of your data to ensure low-latency read access for distributed end users.

Across cloud providers

Fail over to a different cloud provider serving the same geographical location. Preserve low-latency data access and regulatory compliance when your primary cloud provider is experiencing issues.

Build on your cloud of choice

With MongoDB Atlas, you have the freedom to choose the cloud partner and ecosystem that fit your business strategy. Leverage unique services and integrations that make sense for your application’s current functionality and future development.

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