Fully Managed MongoDB

Make MongoDB management easy with Cloud Manager

MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database with over 10 million downloads and consistent top rankings according to DB-Engines’s monthly ranking. The open source database also enjoys an enthusiastic developer community and a robust partner network, as well as hundreds of thousands of deployments.

Developer adoption has skyrocketed in recent years because they love MongoDB for its ease of use. Enterprise adoption has similarly grown because companies appreciate the broad variety of use cases they can address with MongoDB. As a result, MongoDB is steadily becoming an enterprise technology standard for organizations building modern applications.

In terms of supporting MongoDB deployments, operations departments have come to rely on a fully managed MongoDB solution, Cloud Manager. The management solution lets MongoDB users:

  • Gain complete visibility into the performance of a MongoDB deployment. The comprehensive monitoring tools in Cloud Manager visualize and alert on over 100 metrics
  • Perform fast and simple query optimization with the powerful Visual Query Profiler tool
  • Simplify previously manual and time-consuming administration tasks with automation tools
  • Easily integrate with Amazon Web Services. You can get started quickly on AWS by provisioning virtual AWS machines with an optimal configuration for MongoDB.

Cloud Manager takes the guesswork out of running your MongoDB deployment while saving you time and money. The size of your deployment doesn’t matter as Cloud Manager is used for deployments as varied as those on a single server to those spread out across hundreds of servers.

Find out what thousands of companies already know about the benefits of using Cloud Manager as a fully managed MongoDB solution. Cloud Manager is free for the first 30 days. Start your trial today.

Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose MongoDB to build, scale, and innovate.

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