Deploy MongoDB

Easily and quickly deploy MongoDB with Cloud Manager

MongoDB has grown in popularity along with the rise of Big Data applications over the past decade. With over 15 million downloads and counting, MongoDB is consistently ranked as the top NoSQL database according to the monthly rankings on DB-Engines. Its popularity among a crowded field of new database technology options can be attributed, in part, to how easy it is to get started on your first deployment.

The fastest way to deploy MongoDB is through Cloud Manager, a comprehensive management tool for MongoDB deployments in the cloud. With Cloud Manager, you can boil down complex operational tasks into a few simple steps. You also get the insights you need to make quick decisions with robust monitoring tools and custom alerts that can help you prevent potential issues as they arise. A complete backup solution lets you rest easy in knowing that in case of data loss you can easily recover the data with minimal business interruption.

When you deploy MongoDB with Cloud Manager, you save time, money, and guesswork in getting your database up and running. In addition to monitoring and backup tools, you get:

  • Fast and simple query optimization thanks to the Visual Query Profiler, which displays how query and write latency varies over time and provides a quick and convenient way for operations teams and DBAs to analyze queries.
  • Automation features that make time-consuming management tasks as easy as clicking a button
  • Automatic machine provisioning on Amazon Web Services that is optimally configured for MongoDB

Cloud Manager is built by the same developers who built MongoDB so you won’t find a better management solution for your MongoDB deployment. The solution supports thousands of deployments, including systems from one to hundreds of servers.

Find out more about how to deploy MongoDB with Cloud Manager. You get 30-day trial of Cloud Manager free when you sign up.

Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose MongoDB to build, scale, and innovate.

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