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The newest wave of database software options, known NoSQL databases, have become increasingly popular in recent years for being better suited for Big Data applications than traditional relational databases. In addition to introducing flexible data models and scale out architecture over inexpensive commodity hardware, NoSQL databases are also built for high performance.

These advantages account for their increasing adoption but the question remains as to which solution to choose in a crowded field of options. Most NoSQL technologies have little in common except that they are not a relational database. The decision also depends on your particular use case.

A database software comparison is useful to gauge performance differences in meeting your application requirements. United Software Associates, an independent third party, conducted tests of MongoDB performance against other leading NoSQL vendors, Couchbase and Cassandra. In their benchmark testing, MongoDB far exceeded other databases in terms of throughput and latency across a number of configurations.

It’s no surprise then that when companies select a NoSQL database for their applications, they choose MongoDB. Downloaded over 40 million times and counting, MongoDB is consistently ranked the highest NoSQL system according to monthly DB-Engine rankings.

MongoDB is the only database that harnesses the innovations of NoSQL – high performance, a flexible data model, and elastic scalability – along with the features that make relational databases great – an expressive query language, strong consistency, and secondary indexes.

To learn more about how MongoDB stands up to other NoSQL solutions, download the benchmarking study.

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