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Solutions Library

Drawing from experience with over 47,000 customers, the MongoDB Solutions Library is curated with tailored solutions to help developers kick-start their projects.

Credit card application with Generative AI

Learn how the convergence of alternative data, artificial intelligence, and generative AI is reshaping the foundations of credit scoring.


Gen AI-powered video summarization

Build a YouTube transcription and summarization service that leverages a large language model (LLM) and semantic search.


Gaming data at scale

Leafsteroids: managing player profiles, inventory, and game states on a global scale.


AI-powered digital underwriting

Automating digital underwriting with real-time data processing and machine learning.


Smart data hub

Predicting IoT machine failure root causes using machine learning and Azure IoT Hub.


Virtual factory

Modernize your factory operations: Build a virtual factory with MongoDB Atlas in 5 simple steps.


App-Driven Intelligence with IoT data

Launching a rocket using MongoDB Atlas and real-time IoT data.


AI-powered fraud detection

Real-time card fraud solution accelerator.


Digital twin of a connected vehicle

Solving the digital twin challenge: a telemetry feedback loop use case.


Real-time dynamic pricing

Fueling real-time pricing strategies with MongoDB and Databricks.


AI-enhanced claims adjustment

Revolutionize claim management using AI and vector image search.


AI-powered search experience

Deliver personalized, accurate search experiences.


Event-driven inventory

A real-time, event-driven inventory management system using MongoDB Atlas.


Fraud detection with AWS

Build an operational data store and leverage AI/ML solutions to power fraud detection with MongoDB Atlas and Amazon SageMaker Canvas.


Payments Modernization Solution Accelerator

Learn how to build an operational data layer (ODL) to unlock siloed payment data to power modern applications.


Relevant As-You-Type Suggestions Search Solution

Use this solution to implement an as-you-type solution that leverages Atlas Search with the MongoDB developer data platform.


Unified interface for building RAG applications on MongoDB

Leverage native stream processing and vector search in MongoDB Atlas to continuously update, store, and search embeddings through a unified interface.


Claim management with LLMs in RAG and vector search

Discover how to combine Atlas Vector Search and large language models (LLMs) to streamline the claim adjustment process.


Real-Time Audio-Based AI Diagnostics

Learn how MongoDB Atlas Vector Search helps drive efficiency and sustainability by enabling AI-powered, real-time diagnostics in the renewable energy space.


Next-Generation Media Channels

Learn how to leverage MongoDB Atlas Vector Search to easily build AI-powered personalized content experiences.

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