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Payments is an industry in flux. While it was once enough for payments service providers to supply account information and orchestrate simple transactions, consumers and corporate customers now expect an enriched experience where each transaction offers new insights and value-added services.

Meeting these new expectations is hard, especially for companies that rely on database technologies created decades ago. These databases, introduced long before transactions were carried out with a few taps on a phone screen, are expensive to maintain and unable to keep pace in an industry of ceaseless change and ruthless competition.

The enriched payments experience

MongoDB is changing the face of payments. With its innate ability to ingest any type of data and the freedom to run in any environment, from on-premises to managed service in the cloud, MongoDB is your single source of truth.

Accept any data type: Payments data of any kind maps easily to the flexible, versatile, and developer friendly document data model.

Always-on and highly available: MongoDB Atlas provides data infrastructure that scales effortlessly, performs flawlessly, and delivers the high-availability demanded by today’s payment platforms.

Take your data everywhere: Take your payments data — and all of MongoDB’s native capabilities — from bare metal to hybrid cloud to multi-cloud on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

From consumer brands to global banks, industry leaders choose MongoDB to form the backbone of their always on, always secure, always available payments platform.


Embrace data flexibility

Payments data of any kind maps easily to MongoDB’s flexible, versatile, and developer-friendly document data model.


Ensure high availability

MongoDB Atlas delivers the multi-cloud native scalability and high availability today’s payment platforms demand.


Be multi-cloud ready

Deploy your payments data across 80-plus regions on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud while meeting global regulatory requirements.


Embrace real-time analytics

Analyze payments data in place and in real time, with no ETL or duplication.


Secure your data

With a layered security approach, including client-side field level encryption, MongoDB Atlas ensures compliance with major security standards.


Ensure compliance

Embedded TTL indexing as well as Online Archive and Data Lake simplify regulatory compliance.

The data model built for payments

The document data model at the heart of MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas allows you to enrich the payments experience with data in any format or structure.

JSON documents — the same data format used by MongoDB — are the standard for payments data, including SWIFT 4 and 5, the Open Banking API, and BIAN.

The document data model also allows you to alter the structure, format, location, and storage of your data in response to changing information and requirements.

MongoDB is the data foundation for modern payments processing.
Launch services quicker and cut costs

Competitors are capitalizing on new technologies and driving down transaction fees. To compete, you need to increase developer productivity and agility while also cutting costs.

MongoDB Atlas lets you tap into innovative cloud services to reduce development time for new apps and services and control infrastructure and management costs.

Multi-cloud flexibility: MongoDB runs across clouds, allowing you to reduce costs and avoid vendor lock-in.

Expressive Query Language: The MongoDB Query Language (MQL) provides an intuitive, powerful, full featured way to interact with data. Make it easier for DevOps to create, run, and manage applications.

Integrated Business Intelligence: MongoDB Atlas’s integrated Charts, BI Connectors, and Data Lake give you a solid foundation for advanced analytics.

Fight payments fraud with data

Consumers expect a fast, easy payment process, coupled with immediate, uninterrupted access to account information and services – all while being protected from bad actors and fraud. This means you need to gather, process, and intelligently analyze vast quantities of data in an instant.

MongoDB’s developer data platform is the trusted data foundation to power predictive fraud detection and prevention.

Real-time analytics: MongoDB can analyze data of any structure directly within the database, giving you results in real time.

Enriched data: MongoDB’s document data model incorporates any kind of data – any structure, any format, any source – no matter how often it changes, allowing you to create a holistic picture of your customer and better predict whether or not a transaction seems suspicious.

AI Readiness: With MongoDB, you can easily connect AI services to efficiently process trillions of data points in an instant, gaining the actionable intelligence needed for real-time, predictive fraud prevention.


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