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Removes the member described by the hostname parameter from the current replica set. This function will disconnect the shell briefly and forces a reconnection as the replica set renegotiates which member will be primary. As a result, the shell will display an error even if this command succeeds.

The rs.remove() method has the following parameter:

The hostname of a system in the replica set.


Before running the rs.remove() operation, it is good practice to shut down the replica set member that you are removing.

By default, replica set members wait for 5 minutes before dropping connections to the removed member. In sharded replica sets, you can modify this timeout using the ShardingTaskExecutorPoolHostTimeoutMS server parameter.

To immediately drop all outgoing connections from the replica set to the removed member, run the dropConnections administrative command on each remaining member on the replica set:

"dropConnections" : 1,
"hostAndPort" : [

Replace <hostname> with the hostname of the removed member and <port> with the port the mongod listened on.

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