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Realm Database tutorials provide a walkthrough of the code required to implement Realm in mobile and backend applications. In these tutorials, you clone git repositories, and follow along with a tutorial that walks you through implementing Realm in your choice of:

  • Mobile application clients
  • Web browser
  • Node.js CLI

If you prefer to learn by exploring and modifying a working application, without walking through the code to implement Realm, check out the Realm template applications.

In this tutorial, you will build a collaborative task tracker app with Realm.

For more details, check out

To get started, first:

Next, complete any of the following clients to work with your new backend:

Realm template applications are working example apps you can explore and modify as you learn about Realm. These apps are a good choice for developers who prefer to experiment directly with working code instead of reading a guide that walks you through implementing the code.

Check out the Realm template apps.

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